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Our Team

S. Suresh Suryavanshi (Chief Executive Officer)

S. Suresh Suryavanshi, an artist popularly known as "DJ Rulz," is Future Framez Media's

Founder-Managing Director. He started off his DJ and Music production career in 2001, is already a DJ of repute. He continued his musical journey and made quite a few videos and chart busting music. Later, he ventured in to the movie production with Kannada film was produced in the year 2014.

Shaan Shanawaz (VP - Alliances & Acquisitions)

Shaan Shanawaz is the young face of progressive media today.

He is motivated entrepreneur working hard to unleash brands potential worldwide with his adept PR solution delivery. A gifted and well-respected media influencer, Shaan blends his acute sense of what sells with his intense skill to craft creative story ideas, and providing visibility and exposure to his clients.

Srabani Mitra (Marketing & Communications)

Innovative professional with 20 yrs. of exp in the field of Telecom, Automobile, Cargo and Real Estate Industry,

 Srabani is exceptional in driving business growth, capitalising on new revenue potential and managing all aspects of daily business operations. She has undeniably proven her ability to manage key accounts and large-scale operations.

Vidya Nair (VP-Sales/Marketing & Communications)

Vidya Nair, an energetic and enigmatic professional, is the one who is responsible for managing

 all Brand Specific Responsibilities and Market Development, Customer Management, Market Research, Strategic Direction for Promotion and Advertising. She is an invaluable asset of Future Framez Media who has an overall experience of 20 yrs. in the field of Telecom, Automobile, Cargo and Real Estate Industry.

Gijo Uthuppu (Business Head)

Belonging to a family of theatre artists in Kerala, Gijo is a filmmaker, storyteller and dreamer.

He has been understanding, decoding and bringing the keen art or films and visuals to the audience since 18 years now. Backed by a dynamic career in the media industry and his love for Movies and Movie-makings, Gijo has carved a unique creative approach towards art of marketing movies and is known as a marketing genius is the field of Movie and Media Production. Besides the plethora of roles performed by Gijo as a Director, Project Manager, TV Producer, Technical Head, and Marketing, the fact that steals the show is he worked as an Assistant Director to the Oscar Winning Director – Martin Scorsese for the Movie “Silence.” He definitely adds a charm to Future Framez Media.

Shreejith Shasi (Head of Production and Creative)

Being a prolific part of the entertainment and media industry for over 16 years,

Shreejith Shasi has accomplished a name for himself in the art of VFX, Photography, Cinematography, and Direction. He has left is prominent signature in a wide array of platforms. From Advertising Photography to Fashion Photography, and Commercial Videos to Corporate Videos, Print Media to Visual Media, and Health Industry to Retail Industry, name any sphere of production and business, Shreejith has made his presence felt.

Kiran Krishnanunni: (Creative Director)

Kiran started his career as an Assistant Director under acclaimed Malayalam Film Director Ranjith.

Since then, it’s been a journey of 13 years that led him to different spectrums of creative direction. He has also worked as an Assistant Cinematographer and Camera Operator under renowned Cinematographers like Sameer Thahir, Girish Gangadharan, Ganesh Chandra, Om, Jomon T John, K U Mohanan, Sunil, and more. He also made his debut as a DOP for Kannada Movie in 2017. A true talent with a plethora of amazing creative direction ventures, Kiran is an invaluable resource for Future Framez Media.

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